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Atlas is based on simple ideas

  • High quality maps and spatial analysis are valuable

  • Maps provide information and therefore increase decision quality

  • Maps provide a natural "common language" that aids communication between groups that routinely use different languages

  • Mapping is a skill that is under-developed and highly valuable

  • "Spatial" awareness is not a technology, but instead a natural human experience

  • Kindergarten through High School students have lost some spatial skills

Atlas Objectives

  • Enable GIS

  • Expand skilled resources

  • Improve skills pipeline

  • Enhance student GIS education experience

  • Reduce student GIS skills development costs

The Atlas Program

Geographical Information Systems spatial analysis has rapidly become a significant decision support tool for businesses and government organizations.

Unfortunately, the cost of entry remains high, which means residents and smaller non-profits, whose services bring value to those residents, cannot realize the benefits.

The Atlas Program brings high-quality maps and spatial analysis to these groups.

It gets its GIS skills from local educational institutions, bringing projects and funding to GIS students.

Delivered by a 501(c)(3) non-profit, revenues come from grants and donations.

GRCC Contract

In 2010, the Four Creeks UAC began purchasing GIS services from Green River CC. All services funds are used for student scholarships/internships or for equipment purchases that benefit Four Creeks and the GRCC GIS students.


Atlas for GRCC